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Our Job it's Facial Intelligence. And yours ? Join our API technology in your applications with just a few clicks.

I decode faces expressions psychotypes old & gender morphotypes hairstyles glasses... with high precision.

Facial recognition
Artificial intelligence
Marketing development
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Decode on the face

With a photo in less than 1 sec.

More than 60 psycho-graphics relevant elements.

Emotions and smile

7 µ-expressions (joy, fear, disgust, sadness, anger, contempt, surprise).

The gender and age

If it is a man or a woman + % of femininity/m. of the face. Age Determination by facial measurements.

The decision-making logic

An individual decision making process / Purchasing decision-making behavior.

Psychological functioning

More than 6 years of R&D. Thanks to the artificial intelligence, our algorithm decodes the psychology of the face with great precision.

The opening of facial receivers

The % opening of the eyes, nose, mouth.

The phototype (skin, hair)

The color of the skin and hair

3500 calculations and 80 measures

Pupillary distance, facial triangles, width of the face...

and more...

Expand your customer relationship with facial recognition.
Customize your loyalty offers based your customers personality.
1-click information import updated and shared by clients (photos, profile...)

We are not alone excited happy to develop applications...

More than 450 clients and 200,000 consumers use our applications. See the videos!